Thank you for looking at our 2018 Wish List. Each item is a real need that will help continue to build Healing Horses, Kauai into the program the community needs and deserves.

Please tell your friends about the list. Perhaps they would like to share the cost or the labor of one much needed items with you.  Nothing needs to be brand new, used items are appreciated just as much.

We appreciate how much you support us in every way. Your gifts become our treasures.


Tractor or Heavy Duty Shredder

In order to keep the property manageable and help make the job easier, a heavy duty tractor with attachments like a brush-hog could allow us to keep up with the weeds and brush.  The bucket on the tractor will also be useful for things like moving manure, or large objects without the risk of injury or damaging a vehicle.

Footing and Stall Materials

Our horses deserve the best care. That is why it is so important that they have safe, effective arena footing.

With careful consideration of the physical of footing for the horses and a cost effective solution we have decided to use wood chips with shredded rubber.

Rubber won’t decompose. Rubber is cost effective, eliminating the need to constantly replace decaying material. It drains well after a rain, which reduces mud, and does not attract insects or animals. It is less likely to compact than other loose-fill materials.

In the stalls, wood chips with limestone will provide the horses a comfortable place to lay down and help keep them a bit cleaner.

The path from the gate to the arena would be improved with the addition of wood chips.

Wood chips for better footing:
Arena: 181 cubic yards (92’x160’x4”)
Round pen: 35 cubic yards (60’ diameterx4”)
Horse Stalls: 24 cubic yards (84’x24’x2”)
Foot path from gate to arena gate – 24 cubic yards (12’x 62’x 4”)
Total Cubic Yards of wood chips needed: 264

Shredded rubber for the arena: 90 cubic yards (92’x160’x2”)

Limestone in stalls (level the stalls and provide drainage) 12 cubic yards

3 Tons of Gravel

Gravel will help repair the potholes that have developed at the entrance to Healing Horses, Kauai.

Minivan for Miniature Horse Outreach Program

The Healing Horses, Kauai Miniature Horse Outreach Program provides Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT) for residents and participants who cannot leave their medical or educational surroundings. This program benefits residents in long-term care, pre-schools, homeschool groups, libraries and other community organizations. The Healing Horses Outreach program is unique as the presence of the miniature horses motivate the residents and students to move, stretch, participate, communicate, and share the Aloha spirit together.

Container-like Office or Construction Site Office Trailer with Solar Power

With a office-like building with solar power Healing Horses, Kauai would be open to welcome the public during business hours.

Currently there is no office space for the staff. That means that when there are no lessons scheduled Healing Horses, Kauai looks closed. Also, all of the administrative work that is happening during those times is done at a remote location with wireless internet and power for laptops and charging phones.

Volunteer Meeting Room/Rider Reception Area

A shed Volunteer Meeting Room/Rider Reception Area would provide a place for volunteers to sign in, store their belongings, and for riders to check in that is out of the weather.

Shed for Dry Feed Room and Stall Cleaning Tools

Currently the feed room is in an old trailer with a tarp. We need a clean and dry place to keep the horse feed and other tools.

Compost Area

Properly managing manure will reduce flies and dust and prevent pollution to nearby water bodies.

Heavy Duty Push Mower

There is a lot of property maintenance that needs to be done in order keep it safe and for the horses and humans.  Tools like a heavy duty gas powered push mower will allow us to do the maintenance without relying on borrowed equipment.

Chain Saw with Gasoline Engine

There is a lot of property maintenance that needs to be done in order keep it safe and for the horses and humans.  Tools like a gas powered chainsaw will allow us to do the maintenance without relying on borrowed equipment.

Battery Operated Drill with Extra Battery

A battery operated drill would make any construction or repair easy.   Otherwise, like most of the tools in this list, we have to rely on someone willing to lend one.

Staple Gun - Donated by Maka Chandler ♥

Thank you Maka!!!!!!

2 Folding Tables - 1 Donated by Micky Webster and 1 by Sally Schreiber ♥

Thank you Micky and Sally!!!!

Camps, Instructor trainings, and other events can draw enough people that there is a need for more table space so that everyone has room to sit and work.

There are also other events that are attended to spread the word about Healing Horses, Kauai and having these tables would provide a clean, attractive space for the staff and volunteers.

12 Stackable or Folding Chairs - Donated by Ed Robinson ♥

Thank You Ed!!!!!

Camps, Instructor trainings, and other events can draw enough people that there is a need for more chairs so that everyone has a place to sit.

There are also other events that are attended to spread the word about Healing Horses, Kauai and having chairs, in particular the folding chairs along with the folding tables,  would provide a clean, comfortable space for the staff and volunteers.

5 Pop Up Tents - 1 Donated by Micky Webster ♥

As the programming expands so does the need for shelter from the sun.  A pop up tent could be used at the ranch during events, as well as other engagements.

Thank you Micky!!!!

Advertising Flags for Outside the Gates

Placing signs outside the gates, both on Kuhio Highway and the Kapaa Bypass where Healing Horses, Kauai is located would let others know where we are located and that we are open.

Sandwich Boards

Placing sandwich boards outside the gates, on both Kuhio Highway and the Kapaa Bypass where we are located would let others find us easily and that we are open.

These signs would also be portable to use at other venues.

3 Tier Metal Saddle Rack

It is important that the tack we own is taken care of properly.   Rather than stacking saddles where they can get confused and damaged an additional 3-tier saddle rack would keep our tack neat and well cared for.

Vaulting Equipment

A vaulting program is planned for Healing Horses, Kauai.   The proper tack is required in order to provide a safe, effective lesson.  A Vaulting Surcingle with side reins and bridle would make that possible.

Telescoping Lunge Whip

A lunge whip used to work with the horses for many reasons.  The vet or farrier may need to see a horse move, a horse may need to be lunged for exercise.

The telescoping lunge whip will also be used for the vaulting program, where the instructor maintains control of the horse with a lunge line and whip during the lesson.  It it necessary that it be long enough to provide enough space so that everyone is safe.

3 Bridles and 3 Side Pulls - Donated by Karen Betz ♥

Thank you Karen!!!

Sometimes the bridle may be referred to as a headstall, and the side pull as a hackamore noseband.

There is so much to learn while taking horseback riding lessons.  A beginning rider may not be able to keep their hands still which could make it uncomfortable for a horse with a bit as a part of the bridle.

At Healing Horses, Kauai the choice to use a “bitless” bridle was easy.  They allow the rider to work on their skills and still have control of the horse, but the bitless bridles are much more forgiving for the horse.

Dressage Girth - Donated by Karen Betz ♥

Thank you Karen!!!!

It is important that all tack used for the horses fits them well, ill fitting tack can cause all kinds of issues for horses.  Healing Horses, Kauai has a dressage saddle that needs a girth that is at least 32″ in order for the saddle to fit the horse properly.

Medicine Wheel Gazebo

It is very important to have a shade structure in the center of our medicine wheel. Helps us raise money for one here: Go Fund Me HHK Gazebo


Image result for gazebo

Andis® Pulse Ion Clipper and Extra Battery

Horses should be properly groomed for their health, and sometimes they need more than just brushing and their hooves picked.

Despite the weather on Kauai, several of horses grow winter coats that can cause them to overheat so they need to be clipped.  Battery powered clippers would allow for the horses to be groomed as needed.

Generator - Donated by Ed Robinson ♥

Thank you Ed!!!!

Wind and Shade Shelter for Horses

Currently the horses stalls are framed with pipe corral and covered with a mesh top that blocks the sun a bit.  They need better shelter from the sun, wind, and rain.  They could also benefit from a run-in shed as shelter while they are in the pasture at night.

Current type of shelter

Run-in Shed

Wooden Stalls for better protection from the elements