Healing Horses, Kauai Miniature Horse Outreach Program
The Healing Horses Miniature Equine Outreach program provides Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT) for residents and participants who cannot leave their medical or educational surroundings. This program benefits residents in long-term care, pre-schools, homeschool groups, libraries and other community organizations. The Healing Horses Outreach program is unique as the presence of the miniature horses motivate the residents and students to move, stretch, participate, communicate, and share the Aloha spirit together.
Benefits to the residents:
  • Motivation to participate, move, stretch and share
  • Increased range of motion
  • Appropriate social interaction
  • Increased engagement and verbalization
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased awareness of caring for another being
  • Short and long term memory enhanced
  • Social skills, appropriate behavior, reduced self-centeredness
  • Something to talk about with family members, friends and nurses
Present partnerships with residential hospitals/long term care units:
KVMH long-term care unit – coupled with the physical therapy department
Mahelona Medical center – coupled with the physical therapy department
Benefits to the children at the schools visited by Healing Horses, Kauai
  • Motivation to share with other classmates
  • Verbalization
  • Reduce impulsivity
  • Verbalization
  • Equal opportunity to be successful
  • Educational with regards to horse care and core values related to horses
  • Animal interaction, husbandry, awareness of self and the impact on others
Benefits to the donor of the Minivan:
  • Tax receipt letter for the value of the minivan/cargo van (Tax write-off)
  • Mini-van/cargo van is a mobile bill board doing good work for the community with the partnership of Healing Horses, Kauai and the donor of the mini-van
  • Promotion of appreciation for the donating dealership (media coverage)
  • Increased recognition from the community of Kauai leading to more sales
  • Ongoing promotion and advertisement for the dealership leading to more sales
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